Environmental Compliance Management and Inspection

Many projects today require measures be taken to reduce environmental impacts. Monitoring project activities is important to ensure effectiveness and compliance with environmental regulations. This is especially critical on large or complex linear projects where a variety of sensitive resources may need protection.

Effective on-going communication between field crews and clients ensures that pertinent information is transferred efficiently for successful job-site performance. Due to our utility construction experience and environmental background we understand what is needed to construct projects in a timely, well-organized manner while protecting the environment.


Water Resource Protection and Permitting

Construction projects have the potential to affect the quality of aquatic resources such as streams, ponds and wetlands. SWP Environmental Services Co understands both the regulatory process to get your project permitted and the type of protection measures needed to keep projects within regulatory compliance.


Restoration Planning & Implementation

Successful restoration requires careful planning and implementation of restoration techniques appropriate for the site. Our team has extensive experience in restoring areas impacted by construction projects in a wide range of environmental and climate conditions. We work with the client and landowners to restore disturbed areas and satisfy all regulatory requirements.


Environmental Training

Training is a critical education tool that can influence how project construction is performed. Training provides construction crews with the knowledge to minimize environmental impacts and prevent potentially costly project delays. The SWP Environmental Services team combines construction field experience with regulatory knowledge to develop project-specific multimedia training programs. Our programs can be customized for field or classroom settings and combine practical experience and knowledge to communicate project specific environmental concerns and protection measures.